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Word of the Day

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hats Off!

When I first saw this pattern, I cracked up. The pink one looks like something a nun would wear. The striped one looks like something a Bond girl would wear while skiing down the mountainside with Russian spies in hot pursuit. And the others, I just don't know, I can't imagine anyone wearing them who was not from somewhere in the Middle East (yes, forgive me if I have inadvertently offended anyone from the Middle East, or anyone who likes these hats).

But I listed it in my Etsy shop anyway, and it sold that night. Which goes to show, there's no accounting for taste. Someone liked it, evidently.

The thought did occur to me that someone undergoing chemotherapy might use this pattern for cover-ups or something.


Heather said...

Turban days are definitely long-gone. The one in the bottom right (yellow) is very Audrey Hepburn. Did you see the patterns I gleaned from the thrift shop today? I'd love to know where you get yours.

MadeByAmanda said...

I got most of my patterns in one fell (lucky) swoop, at a store called "Got Junk?" I asked if they had any old sewing patterns, and the guy pointed and said "I think that's what they are." They'd been sitting there for awhile, so he let me have them super cheap. I think overall there were fifty or sixty patterns in the two boxes.

Anonymous said...

your comments about the hats made me laugh because there is someone Etsy that sells hats like the striped one on the pattern envelope. Her material is a lot better than the stipes tho...

Field Notes said...

I was thinking the same thing about the yellow one.

My grandma loves this type of thing. She gets her hair done every Sat and its so windy where she lives that she always covers her hair before she goes out so her new do isn't ruined instantly.