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Monday, October 1, 2007

Space Case

I love this 70's pattern with its futuristic, Star Trek feel. It's especially strong, of course, in the purple and the silver views.

I kind of wish it was my size. I used to have this fabric from Hancock's (which inexplicably disappeared, along with the rest of my stash, during the move to my new home), which would have been PERFECT for this dress. I intended to make it into a dress, too.

Funny how all of those old shows with clothing like this don't look "futuristic" or even contemporary to us; they just look like dated clothes from the 70s. Now that's what you call irony.


Heather said...

I, too, saw that fabric at my Hancock's before it closed, but never got around to getting it. No clue what I would've done with it anyway. Yeah, there's something about really bad poly pantsuits; no matter how hard contemporary designers try, some things just aren't going to be popular again. Well, let's hope not.

Christina Perdue said...

The fabric would have been super cute on a tote or clutch. I'm a very unorganized person so I lose a lot of stuff, lol.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck with the 30 day challenge!


Dana said...

First of all, thanks for commenting on my blog! Of course, I had to come visit yours...what a beautiful AND interesting page. Your goats are so darn cute.

The old pattern envelopes bring back memories. I think I learned to sew from some of these! Brought back good memories of when I was a kid. Good luck with your Etsy shop. -Dana