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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Still in Progress...

One of my favorite parts about sewing clothing is that moment when you have sewn all the major seams and what you've been working on goes from a pile of unrecognizable fabric pieces into something that resembles the finished product, and you can start to see how it is going to look on you.

Unfortunately, I'm not there yet on this jumper. It looks all nice and neat laid out, but none of the side seams are sewn (due to some strange way they want you to construct the lining. I'm sure it will all work out, but I want it to look like a dress. And now!) so it's all loose and flappy and just a mess. I spent quite a while working on it yesterday (although a portion of that was spent ripping seams and cutting 2" off the hem, which I should just do before I even start, since I am a good bit shorter than any of the models that they use for these things) and was quite disappointed that all that work still didn't get me something I could try on. If I'd left out the lining, as I originally intended, I'd be a good bit closer to finished. But I'm sure once it's all over with, I'll appreciate the lining and be glad I took the time.

Some people sew for the process. I sew for the finished product, although the process can be enjoyable at times. Generally, though, the process is just something that gets in my way.


femputer said...

"the process is just something that gets in my way" made me giggle! I definitely know what you mean, though! I don't sew, but I've been trying to enjoy the process of my crafts lately. I suppose if the process just can't be enjoyed, the finished project can really make up for it! :D

BaldyLocks said...

Sounds like you sew like I sew. I'm all about the end product. Now I just go buy it.