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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Department of Product Testing and Development

I like to play around with making new things. That's probably why my shop has such a wide range of things, and not as much focus as I'd like. Anyway, my latest little obsession came to me yesterday. I was thinking of making little drawstring bags (to use as holiday wrapping) and I took out my big bag o' ribbons, to see if I had any suitable for using as drawstring. Then I had the idea of making little envelopes out of some really wide pink ribbon. I thought "They'll make great jewelry pouches!" and I decided to whip up a group of 5 and list it on Etsy. Well, the little tiny snaps have to be hand-sewn, which when I charge for my time, makes the final cost of each (including shipping) $2. I posted a thread in the forums asking about it, and the general consensus seems to be that that is too expensive. So I laid awake last night thinking about it (that's what I do, lay awake thinking about ways to make new things. I come up with some good stuff that way. Well, and rehashing every embarrassing incident since second grade and coming up with witty rejoinders, but who doesn't?)

This is what I came up with: little felt bags. No fraying = less sewing, no snaps = less sewing, less sewing = lower price. They aren't as cute, IMHO, but they cost almost half as much.

The littlest one I can sell 5 for $4.25, plus $1 shipping (to the US), making the final cost of each $1.05. The biggest one I can sell 5 for $4.60, plus $1 shipping, making the final cost of each $1.12. For larger quantities the price is slightly lower. I don't know if they are too expensive still for most Etsy sellers, but it's a big drop.

I want opinions on my newest creations, so I'm having a drawing. The winner will get one small gray jewelry envelope (or I have pink felt, if you prefer). Leave me a comment here or on this thread on the message board, giving your opinion, suggestion, or why you would or wouldn't buy these, and I'll enter you in the drawing, which will take place tomorrow at noon (Oct. 18). Make sure that if you're on Etsy, you give your seller name in the comments, so that I can contact you if you win. If you're not on Etsy, make sure there is still some way I can contact you through your comment.

Thank you!


HomeMadeOriginals said...

I'm too late for the contest but I do like the pink ribbon ones a lot better. Maybe you should try listing some (only .20 to list so you are not out much) and see if it sells.
You left a comment on my blog about my bread recipe. Hope you enjoy it. You may want to check out this thread on Etsy too:

Lori said...

2 bucks isn;t too much. If people will pay 5 dollars for a card that someone printed on their computer over and over, then they should be able to aford and adorable tiny ribbon envelope. Also, think about how many times you've seen huge bow at Target for 5 bucks and had to have it. Someone will have to have it.