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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Etsy Seller DianasDarnings' Aprons

This is my favorite apron from DianasDarnings. Not only is it blue and brown, which is my current favorite color combination, bu it has big pockets (I love pockets). I also like the clean lines and that her aprons aren't over-the-top frilly.

Diana told me "I'm inspired by my brothers. That sounds a little strange, but I have four of them, I'm the only girl. My mom is a HUGE tom boy. Growing up, I tried really hard to not be a tom boy and was in the kitchen helping a lot. It's important to me to embrace my femininity, so I try to feel pretty while cooking and in the kitchen. I think my aprons do the trick."

Click on the apron to visit Diana's shop.

(On a personal note: I am glad to see someone who doesn't confuse "feminine" and "frilly". Not that frilly things aren't feminine, but they aren't the whole definition of feminine, either.)


BaldyLocks said...

I love aprons! I used to have a collection of them but unfortunately, I'm rarely in the kitchen.

I wear a mechanics coat when I paint. So much for my femininity.

Penny said...

I know what you mean about the frilly thing. I like girly stuff sometimes, when I'm in the mood, but mostly just flattering feminine with clean lines is good for me!