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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This necklace from 3SistersCrafts on Etsy is just beautiful. The starfish pendant is Hill Tribes silver, and when I asked her about it, Chelse told me "I contemplated hanging the piece on my wall as I think the charm is such a work of art. I was inspired by the Hill tribe Silver charm. I love Hill tribe silver, it is so original. I love the sea. I hope to one day live near it in Barcelona, Spain. I have always been a water worshiper . I live near lakes and spent many a summer day swimming in the lake at my grandparents home. No starfish there, but starfish are like the international sign for water in my eyes. " Check out her myspace page.

I like this necklace because I love starfish, and there are happy memories connected to them for me. I went to several beaches up in Maine and Massachusetts that were cold and rocky and not much fun, and never really understood why people like to go to the beach so much. Then I went to a beach in Ecuador. Warm, sandy, lots of shells and starfish. I so wanted to live on the beach.

Starfish fascinate me because when you pick them up and then put them down in the sand, you can't really see them move, but all those little hairs and nubs that cover them (if I remember my Life Science right, they're called cilia) are moving, and they just slowly bury themselves, sinking into the sand.

When Brandon and I went on our honeymoon we found some starfish, so I could show this phenomenon to him. We didn't get any pictures, though, since he dropped my camera in the ocean pretty soon after we got there. :) This is a picture I took at Canoa, a beach in Ecuador.


Manda said...

thanks for leaving a comment. i have no problem being public about adoring my fiance. plus he will really like that i blogged about him. how do you change your background on your blog? do you have to have an upgraded version?

tootsiegrace said...

I love sea stars, too. Very fascinating creatures (aren't all sea creatures!?)

Athena's Armoury said...

I love starfish, too. That piece is beautiful.