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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Work in Progress

These are some pics of my work in progress, a pattern I've had for awhile. The fabric I originally intended to use for it got lost, so I had sort of stalled out on it. But I've got some fabric now that I want to make up, and the cold weather is inspiring me. It's a grey and black houndstooth flannel, which doesn't seem to go with the pattern, but hear me out. I'm going to make it sleeveless to wear as a jumper, with long sleeves underneath, and with a black cable sweater I have. It will be quite cozy.

I wasn't going to line the thing, as I have never done a lined dress, although the pattern called for lining, until I saw the crazy blue and grey geometric print lining material, and had to have it. Good thing this was all two dollar a yard fabric from Wal-Mart. Not the highest quality, sure, but definitely in my price range. And I hate to make the first thing I make from a pattern in expensive fabric. Basically I do it in cheap fabric to have a wearable muslin.

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Heather said...

very nice! i just got some wool suiting (from one of my fabric old ladies!!) and want to make a jumper, too. yours looks fab.