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Word of the Day

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Getting There!

The jumper is coming along nicely. I finally was able to sew up the side seams and it looks like a dress! I tried it on with various shirts underneath, and I think it will look even cuter than I had thought, which is always nice. I still have to insert the zipper and attach the flounce and hem it (Inserting long dress zippers is not my idea of fun, and often procrastinating on it will add weeks to the completion time of a dress, but I want to get this dress ready to wear when Brandon and I take a few days away to celebrate our 6 month anniversary, which was this Monday, so the "deadline" will hopefully help me to just push through and do it.) I also hate hemming, but the flounce is hemmed with a narrow hem, and it isn't a terribly long hem, so it won't be that bad.

I think I like the structure that the lining gives the dress, but I hate putting it in. The lining material is all staticy and ravels something awful, so little strings are sticking to everything and catching my scissors, but soon all those little ravely edges will be enclosed and I won't have to worry about them. Happy thoughts. :)

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