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Word of the Day

Monday, October 22, 2007

Finishing Touches

I did in fact get the lining hemmed on my new dress. Here is a pic showing the lining hem and the one extra little "couture" thing I did on this dress. On the flounce, the directions merely called for sewing the flounce halves together the normal way and pressing the seam out flat. Having made a similar skirt and been driven to distraction by the seam allowances raveling and leaving little strings hanging down my legs all the time, I finished sewed the flounce halves together with a french seam instead. Much neater, no fravely edges to catch on things and hang down.

For comparison, here's a pic of the other skirt flounce. It is polyester charmeuse, which is horrible about raveling anyway, so much so that if I sew with it again, I'm going to do the whole garment in french seams.

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