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Friday, October 26, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different: Etsy Seller IHeartMies

This is another new Etsy seller, though she's made a good start. Some of my favorite items from her store have already sold. Stephanie was kind enough to answer some questions about her art for me.

You use a lot of interesting materials in your jewelry. Where do you get them?
the architectural people are left over from my schooling and have been screaming at me to use them for a few years. i have always wanted to make them into jewelry, clocks and dishware.
its like having a little friend with you all the time.
that is why i give them names and stories in the descriptions.
i have been finding and gathering keys for years not knowing quite what to do with them.
and i like wood, so the wood pieces i have collected and gathered from other etsians

What things are important to you as you are making an item?
i really try to focus on simplicity and structure.
i find beauty in things that are simple and do not have a lot of pieces.
and i ask myself
is it functional?
does it make a noise?
will this start a conversation?
who will wear this?
is this an interesting use of material?

What are your influences or inspirations?
well my namesake iheartmies comes from my love of mies van der rohe
he was my greatest influence during my architectural education and still continues to be.
and i really like wood
in a strange way that influences me quite a bit
as i strive to make nice simple modern things with wood

How has your life experience influenced your work?
my architectural background has definitely influenced my work as it gave me a sense of purpose.
that is when i learned importance of function and form.
it is also how i discovered my aesthetic.
and finally it helped me address my disdain for capital letters.

How did you discover Etsy?
from a design blog, i forget which one but it was a link to some cool wood jewelry.
then i just looked around at it for months.
then i started buying stuff
then i started making things
then i started selling things

Click the banner or the jewelry to visit her shop.

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