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Friday, April 25, 2008

What goes around comes around (if you wait long enough).

I've been seeing dresses with this same general neckline style lately (round yoke and gathered bodice) on patterns from different pattern companies (the one shown is from Kwik Sew). I've thought to myself, that's neat, maybe I should get one. But I just hate paying $10 for a pattern. And then while I was in Dallas a couple of weeks ago, I found the vintage pattern below for $1 and bought it instead.

And the nice thing is, if I make the narrow skirt instead of the full one, the pattern takes less than 3 yards. I have three yards of a great blue print just waiting for this kind of opportunity. Plus, the vintage pattern has the option for little sleeves, which is nice.


Donna Hodgson said...

Amanda, I'm with you. $10 for a pattern? I just can't do it, either. Can't wait to see it all sewn up! Take care.

tea said...

Oh! I just visited the Kwik Sew headquarters this weekend.

I agree that, as a consumer, $10 is a bit steep for a pattern. (And, aesthetically, I prefer the vintage pattern.) (Then again, Amy Butler patterns are $16.)

BUT! I have a tidbit of interest to share: Did you know Kwik Sew does EVERYTHING in house? They design, draft, sew samples of the patterns, and test models. They print the patterns. They write the directions (of course). They even print their catalogs and ship everything right in Minneapolis. It was pretty enlightening to find out *why* the patterns cost $10. They don't source anything out to China. They don't skimp on anything, either. I have to say, after my little tour, I realized if I'm to stick to my convictions about buying local and supporting CSAs and shopping at independent businesses and, as my fella says, "voting with my dollars," the theory extends to buying patterns that are created in Minneapolis.

All this being said, it's equally ethical to buy vintage patterns, as you're supporting the individual seller and reusing something and saving it from going to the landfill. Plus preserving heritage.

Sorry to blab so much! I was just excited to see you post a pattern from the company I'd just visited this weekend. And I just wanted to share information about the company. :)