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Thursday, May 8, 2008

What I've been up to lately

Ever since we got back from Dallas, where we went for our anniversary, I haven't been doing much sewing. Until last Friday, when my best friend from high school called and said she was going to come visit.

I had been thinking I'd like to do some plus size clothing for my Etsy store, so I took the opportunity to get her measurements and make two skirts - one to sell, and one for her. Both were fairly simple patterns that I drafted from her measurements. The brown one has a paisley design, and is the one I made for her to keep. I'm not entirely displeased with the way it turned out, but I need more practice sewing from just measurements.

The red one is made from a tablecloth and the ruffle off of a vintage curtain, both of which I picked up secondhand. It has an elastic waist, to fit a broader range of size.


Gwen said...

Thank you so much for your advice re. my upcoming Spanish sewing lessons! I "spoke" with Ana today and our first lesson is this Sunday! I am really excited and REALLY appreciate your advice! :)

texasholls said...

How cool! You are so creative.