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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Past Projects - Number 2

This is the dress that the blue floral dress was a muslin of. I loved the fabric, which has cats on it and has great colors, but didn't want a whole dress out of it.

Changes I made from the muslin:

1. I added pockets modeled off of an apron my great-grandmother made (turns out they are too shallow to be very useful, though).

2. I lengthened the bodice by 2 inches (though 1 inch might have done fine)

3. I shortened the hem by a few inches, I can't remember how many.

4. I brought the sides of the neckline in a little, since the neckline of the muslin almost constantly revealed my bra straps (I ended up sewing little loops and buttons on the inside neckline of the muslin to keep them pulled back out of site, a trick from the Vogue Sewing book.)


C&T, dynamite. said...

I'm not a sewer. All that talk about hems makes me crazy. But I think you did a fabulous job :) It amazes me how you sewers make such fabulous wears.

xx Tia

texasholls said...

I don't like sewing either but I'm glad I found your blog. The little pocket journal you have on your etsy sight is sooooo cute!