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Word of the Day

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I planted flowers today. Not these flowers, obviously. This is the only picture I have of last years flowers. I don't know why I chose this particular angle. You could see more of it from the front. There were also flowers from my wedding planted along the end of the house, but it turned out that those flowers were not well suited to our heat and they died off pretty fast.

All in all, to survive the heat, dryness, and my gardening skills, the flowers I plant need to be pretty tough. Last year I had a lot of nursery flowers, and they mostly died. So this year I just planted seeds. The ones you see in this picture were all from a "wildflower" mix. Lots and lots of petunias.

I like to look at flowers a lot, but I'm not a terribly good gardener. Plants just don't interest me the way animals do, and I don't feel nearly so bad when they die.

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texasholls said...

Well those flowers look great! Yesterday I got the napkins you sent. Thanks! They are really cute.