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Monday, April 7, 2008

The Idea and the Execution

I haven't done much fashion drawing since I was a kid, but now that I am trying to put more clothing in my Etsy store, I am dabbling at it again. This is the first one that I've actually made up. I drafted it to my measurements, from scratch. It is very simple, but its a start, anyway. You can see there are a couple of changes I made, no contrast waistband (I had second thoughts about the attractiveness of that), and the ruffle is shorter. I was using scraps of leftover from a previous project for the ruffle and pockets and such, and just didn't have enough for the wider ruffle.

The waist facings are polka dot too, just for fun.

If you are interested, I am selling this skirt in my shop. (And if you aren't my size, I do custom work!)


texasholls said...

Cute! I love that skirt on your site that has the waist out of some old jeans and the white skirt with the butterflies on it.

bee said...

Enjoy seeing your talents. You have some cute skirts.

Grace said...

very cute skirt! thanks for the comment, and as for my bathing suit pattern, people can decorate it as they wish. thanks again for your opinion!