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Word of the Day

Thursday, September 27, 2007


This is probably the most artistic pattern envelope I've seen. Usually there isn't any background, much less an implied story.

I see one of two things going on here: One, they are all spies in Paris. The man in the green ascot is passing the secret information that will save the Free World on to the girl in yellow, while the woman in the striped coat (who is obviously a Russian spy because she is blonde) is eavesdropping to steal it.

Number two, and more sordidly, the man is whispering endearments to his young girlfriend as she is about to leave for a trip, while his other girlfriend waits impatiently for her rival to leave, and smiles smugly behind the brochure she's using to hide her face so as not to be recognized. She's just got a suitcase as a cover story for being there.


Heather said...

Story Two! I vote Story Two! You could seriously do an ongoing series of this nature. Alas, I have no Pattern Intrigue covers to contribute. But it sure seems fun.

Clothmatters said...

Hi Made by Amanda. Such a beautiful blog and I like your sense of humor. I am intrigued by your interpretation of the artists rendering on the interesting clothes pattern. You could certainly write short stories! Thank you for visiting my blog.