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Word of the Day

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Good (from the vintage pattern stash I recently bought)

This dress I really like. And it's in my size. So I'm keeping it. I am going to make this dress. Someday, eventually, when I don't have another dress already sitting in my sewing room cut out and waiting to be sewn. But I can visualize it, view 2 (the girl in green) in a black or navy blue print with cherries (that I saw last week at The Sewing Basket) with the little bow across the front in either red or black (or navy, if the print background is navy). The only thing about it is that there are about a dozen buttonholes, and that's a lot. I have an irrational fear of buttonholes. I don't know why, they're not hard. My machine has a four step buttonhole function, and I've got it memorized. The first few buttonholes I did, though, I had to keep the manual beside me the whole time.

Doesn't that lady in blue look like she's bent on world domination? The one where she's twisting her scarf in her hands, I imagine she's thinking about how she will crush her enemies beneath her heels...and have them tortured, flaming slivers under their fingernails, the whole bit.


Victoria said...

Great vintage pattern! I love collecting them, too. Your description of the woman is very funny!

Heather said...

Very, very nice. Gosh, 50s patterns were so sleek. I always wonder, though: were women's waists really that skinny? Some days, for like 2 minutes, I wish the corset would make a comeback. Then my brain comes back to me and I'm thankful they haven't.

MadeByAmanda said...

I don't know that they were really all that skinny. I think it is partly just the illustration style of the era.

Heather said...

I dunno. I was watching a Frankie and Annette beach movie the other day (don't ask why, lol) and the girls all had really curvy hips, but teeny tiny waists. !!!