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Word of the Day

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My husband's grandmother, who is really awesome, gave me a bunch of her fabric scraps and rick rack and trim and buttons. I still left her with some buttons, and I took a jar full. I already had some buttons of my own, accumulated over the years (I've always had a fascination with them). My mother has a button box, plus a bunch of buttons inherited from her mother and grandmother. My husband even had a couple of tiny jars of buttons his mom had given him for repairing his shirts.

Which makes me think: Do companies even need to manufacture buttons? I think there are enough buttons already in existence to take us well into the next century, at least. Since less people seem to sew than in years past, the existing button stockpile, plus those that we can take off of discarded clothing, should do it for us. Of course, then the matter becomes finding the exact perfect shade of buttons, which is harder to do when you can't run down to the store and pick one out. :)

Maybe we should start an international panel to investigate the stockpiling of buttons.


Heather said...

I have a big stash of buttons from the hub's aunt who passed away last year. I was just going through them looking for one to put on the smock. Why are button stashes so fun? I just don't know. But they are. Such little treasures.

JuliaR said...

I'm here because you made a comment on my blog. I have a button stash too and your post makes me think I should post a photo of part of it. Thanks! But I don't think one can ever have too many buttons. :)