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Word of the Day

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mad Hatter

I have been wanting to make a hat for awhile. There aren't many patterns online, but after perusing what there was (I downloaded the Wild Things software from Wild Ginger, but decided that none of the hats I could find made from it online looked like what I wanted at all, so I uninstalled it) I chose this one from Curiously Crafty.

It was quite simple and went quickly, but it's HUGE on me. It fits Brandon well, since his head is very large, but it doesn't fit me. The only way it even halfway fits is if I pile all my hair up under it, as in the picture. So I don't foresee using this hat often. I thought about shrinking the pattern and trying again, but I'm not sure the style is really for me, after all. It looked so cute on the girl on the tutorial page!


Lisa said...

It's a cute hat, it's too bad it doesn't fit right. I've been considering this one, maybe making the brim a tiny bit smaller.


Anonymous said...

It's a cute hat, but I agree, it's not for you. Bumming around outside, yes. And it's cute for that. And it IS cute (like I might make one to do yard work if I can't find a crazy old lady straw hat) but generally I stick with cloches. They give the same basic shape to the hat this one has, and you really don't have to do your hair. Plus, it gives you a jaunty (if somewhat snooty air) to have to hold your head just so to look at people.

MadeByAmanda said...

Yes, bumming around outside is the only use I forsee for this hat. :(