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Word of the Day

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quilting Again

Yesterday Sherry and I went to the quilt shop in Clovis for a quilt-as-you-go class. We quilted a lot, but never got to the as-you-go part. Just too much to cram in one day. We'll have to go back later and learn how to put the sections together. This is what I've got done on the first half.

Also I bought a "new" (second-hand) sewing machine, sort of. Sherry and I went halves on it, so it will be a spare for both of us. It is a cute little 3/4 size Kenmore. I've been messing with it today, and it works great. I think whoever had it didn't use it much.

To test it out, I made this potholder, for a potholder swap I'm part of. The block I used is "yankee puzzle" with two different darks to emphasize the pinwheels.


Anonymous said...

What a great potholder. I'm amazed at how awesome your quilts always turn out.

Fantastic steal on the machine, too. Kenmore's are good machines, and it's always a plus to have a back up.

bee said...

How fun for you and Sherry, though I heard her first go around was pretty stressful and hectic. Hope you both enjoy the new machine and the classes to come. Cute potholder.