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Monday, March 17, 2008

A Helpful Tutorial

Using the rolled hem feet is not as easy to figure out as I had hoped. I messed around for an hour or so with them, trying to make a consistent, even hem, and came up with this (and this is the best). The piece of fabric had been cut perfectly square on my cutting mat.

The instructions that came with them are nearly useless. So this morning I went looking for an online tutorial. I found several, including a video tutorial, but the most useful one was here, at The Sewing Divas.

I looked at the pics, read through the instructions, looked at the pics again, and something clicked, and I realized what I'd been doing wrong all along (putting the pre-rolled hem at the start under the right side of the foot).

1 comment:

Donna Hodgson said...

I struggled with my rolled hem foot, too! I bought it because of David Coffin's shirtmaking book.

Now it sits...idle and alone.

Your post reminded me that I still make shirts and NEED to LEARN how to use this foot properly. Thanks.

BTW...I can't leave comments when I'm at the office and that's where I tend to read your blog. Sorry if I'm late on commenting on this one. Take care.