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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Tale of Two Breads

Actually, one bread, done twice. I found a neat recipe in a Cooking For 2 magazine that I borrowed, for a mini challah loaf. The first time I made it I was a little rushed, and so I omitted the first rise time (the recipe called for letting it rise 1 hr, then shaping the bread, and letting it rise 45 min.). I just shaped it immediately and let it rise. It turned out pretty good, but I wanted to see if it would be any better (puffier) if I did it according to the directions, so I made it again, only I doubled the recipe so I could give a loaf to my mother-in-law (The problem with the Cooking for 2 magazine is that they are very serious about all the recipes being small batches. This bread is technically 8 servings, and Brandon and I will eat one in two meals. Most of the main dish recipes are 2 servings with NO LEFTOVERS.). The doubled recipe also turned out well. Maybe a little puffier, it is hard to tell.

I have to confess, my scientific method was a little flawed in this experiment (besides doubling the second batch), because yesterday as I waited for the 2 loaves to rise, I realized I was about to run out of time to get it finished before bible class at 7:30, which was when I was going to give the loaf to Brandon's mom, and I cut the second rise time short by 15 min. So I may have to do it again just to make sure. :) Not that I really need a lot of excuse to make homemade bread.

I could not find the recipe online (at the Cooking for 2 website, this particular recipe is restricted to subscribers only) but here is a similar one. If you halved it, it would make two mini loaves or one regular loaf.


jewelstreet said...

Awesome. Those look great. I might have to try that. I don't cook, but my daughter and I have taken to cooking together. That might be a fun project to try as I've never made bread before.

tatsuko said...

Wow, these beauties look delish! We're lazy and use the breadmaker all the time, but we may have to try this!

Nicole said...

ironically, i have a similar photo of two mini challah loaves on my blog about a week ago. :-) small world. :-)