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Monday, January 12, 2009

Tagged: 25 Random Things

I have been tagged by SewDucky for 25 Random things about me.

1. My favorite color is blue. But I also like green, red, yellow, brown, and basically all other colors, even pink. Sometimes.

2. When I was 12 or 13, I wanted to be a bush pilot (in Alaska) when I grew up.

3. When I was 14, I decided I was going to be a writer, and I sent my first short story to Analog Science Fiction. It was promptly rejected.

4. My first car was named Sparky. My second car was named Alex.

5. I have totalled three cars (one of which was Alex), plus one that was "totalled" by the insurance company, but I drove it for months afterwards (and I was rear-ended for that one). I really, really hope that that is my lifetime quota of car wrecks.

6. My resume includes approx. 2.5 months spent as a goat-herder in New Mexico.

7. Last month I finished the first draft of my first novel. No one gets to read it yet, it still needs a lot of work (And all those post-its? That's me trying to organize it.)

8. I've started at least four other "novels" since I turned 18, which were never finished. I can't even remember my lifetime count of novel attempts. I always wanted to write books. Well, since I learned to read, anyway.

9. Actually, in first grade, I didn't care for reading at all.

10. Then I got good at it, and read books while walking to school, during class, and pretty much any other time I could manage it. My parents would try to ground me from books. Word to the wise: it's easy to ground kids from TV, but books are much smaller, quieter, and easier to hide.

11. I love dark chocolate, but have never cared for white chocolate (I don't even think it is really chocolate.)

12. I love animated movies. My favorite is probably Lilo and Stitch, but I also like Mulan a lot. And Ice Age. That squirrel is pretty funny.

13. It's a good thing I've got spell check, because I had no idea how to spell squirrel.

14. I have at least seven UFO (unfinished objects) laying around my sewing room, and one on my knitting needles. One of them, at least, will never make it to the status of finished object, but I can't make myself throw it away.

15. My favorite food is a good hamburger, OR breaded fried shrimp, if it's done right.

16. My nickname the second year of college was Pixiestick.

17. In the Peace Corps, several of my friends occasionally referred to me as the Carne Queen, because I was always on the lookout for a good burger or a good steak (both rare in Ecuador).

18. I love bacon.

19. Milk and eggs, however, top the list of "Perfectly Good, Nutritious Foods that Amanda Doesn't Like".

20. Clubs/Organizations I have belonged to: (in elementary, junior high, & high school) 4-H, FFA (Future Farmers of America), National Honor Society; (In college) Renaissance Club, Table Gaming Club; (Currently) Panhandle Professional Writers, Pens and Pages Writer's Guild

21. For a short time right before I got married, I was certified as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).

22. I was voted "Most Bashful" two years running in High School.

23. I only take my watch off for showers, and yet somehow, I still tend to be late.

24. Approximately six months before I met my husband, I actually said the words "I will never marry a farmer".

25. I volunteer at a food pantry/clothing closet (Bread of Life Ministries) and it's one of the most rewarding things I've done.

Whew! It's hard to come up with 25 things and still keep it kind of interesting. Hope nobody dozed off.


Anonymous said...

Wow Amanda, what a fascinating list! (My first rejection was to Azimov's science fiction, lol. I'm a little awed by all the accomplishments.

Donna Hodgson said...

Amanda, great job on the list. It WAS very interesting.

bee said...

This list is really cool. I can see that you have learned "never say never". ha Been there and done that.
Can't wait to read your Best Seller's list Novel.

Gwen said...

Very, very interesting! And funny - I laughed out loud at #13! Can't wait to read your first novel! :)

Ms. Embry said...

I probably learned more about you from reading this post than in two years of knowing you! :-)

April said...

Wow...you've done a lot of cool things! Especially the goat herding- I hope to have some goats some day.

Brandon E. said...

Doesn't like white chocolate, milk, eggs or farmers. It is a miracle we overcame all those obstacles and ended up together.

Anonymous said...

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