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Word of the Day

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Little Quilty Things

I have been working at a lot of little quilty things lately, test blocks and whatnot. Some of the test blocks I have turned into potholders, and some of them will become gifts at Christmas (Except the insanely bright bird potholder. That I like so much I am keeping it.). Others I am filing away in a box labeled "quilt blocks" and maybe someday I'll find something to do with them. There are more than are shown here.

I've been finding a lot of free nifty quilt patterns online. The brown birdy came from online, as well as the house block and the crow (although it was labeled as a bluebird and shown in bright spring colors). Many of the free patterns available aren't very "google-able", however. I looked for days for an applique bird block, and stumbled across this one quite by accident.


bee said...

These are really cool and creative! Way to use those talents.

Gwen said...

How cute! I love the little bird potholder too! :)

texasholls said...

These beautiful things you create really make me wish I had the desire and patience to sew. Alas, I don't. I will just have to admire the talents of those I know who do know how to do a great job.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely comment, and yea, I got some things I don't know what to do with.

I do love the insanely bright bird potholder. I really want run off with it (and I'd prob keep it for myself too)