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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Indiana Jones / Patsy Cline Dress

While I was making this dress, I happened to do a google search for images of dresses that Patsy Cline wore (The Internet is great, instant whim-gratification!) and noticed that when she wore dresses they were often the slim-skirted style, instead of full. So I began thinking of it as the "Patsy Cline dress". I usually prefer full skirts, and so this dress was sort of an experiment for me. I prefer the look of full skirts, but then you have to buy four or five yards at a time, and so slim skirts are definitely less expensive. This dress took just under three yards, and if I'd been more careful with the layout, might have taken less.

The night before I finished the dress, when it was all starting to come together, I had Brandon pin it up the back so I could try it on (before hemming and the zipper, before the belt was made). I nearly quit right then, because it looked sort of like a potato sack. A bright blue potato sack, but still. Brandon said something about Mormon religious compound ladies. I figured since I'd come that far, though, and I loved the fabric so much, I'd at least try to finish it.

Actually hemming it (it called for a 3" deep hem) to a more flattering length helped a lot. Putting in a zipper helped some too. What really makes the dress, though, is the belt, which I modified from another pattern (from the 1970's).

I think of it as the Indiana Jones dress because I finished it right before we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie, and I decided to wear it. I always have an awful itch to wear something the moment it is finished, and I was literally cutting the last loose threads off as we got into the car. I was a little over-dressed for a matinee, but the movie was set in the 1950's, so I was decade-appropriate.

Then I wore it Brandon's cousin's wedding, which was actually the reason I was making the dress now and not later. Weddings are a great excuse to start a new dress.


texasholls said...

I thought the dress was really cute on you. Brandon's mormon compound comment cracks me up.

markwillix said...

Patsy is surely smiling down on you. That dress is beautiful and she would have loved it. She was very fond of blue. For more on Patsy check out these great sites run by my friends.

Donna Hodgson said...

Very cute dress.
Ignore the compound comment! :)

bee said...

You really do have a lot of talent. Your dress looked so cool and comfortable. Looks great on you. I had a dress when I was in high school that had a belt sort of like what you have. Was necessary to keep it from being a "potato sack". This is sort of embarrassing, but I used that dress as a maternity dress several yrs. later. Yes, I keep my clothes for a very long time.