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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

UFO! Now an FO!

I went online and spent about $25 last night for material for a jacket I want to make. Making all those shirt jackets for Christmas made me want something similar for myself. While I wait for the fabric to arrive (and it is hard to wait!) I am going to work on some UFO's I have sitting around. UFO, for those that don't yet know, stands for Unfinished Object.

Today I finished this pair of capri pants, which I've had lying around, cut out, for around five years now. As best I remember, I bought the material around the time I graduated college, although it may have been before that, even. Then I cut out the pieces, and didn't start sewing because I wanted to add cargo pockets, and was trying to figure out how best to go about that. Somehow I never got around to figuring it out, and then I went into the Peace Corps.

When I came back from the Peace Corps, bermuda shorts were in, so I cut the capri pants down to a sort of bermuda length. Then they sat around some more, and moved from my parents house to Farwell when I got married.

They didn't take long to finish, although I found that either I have lost some weight since the day I chose what size to cut out, or when I cut the pattern out, I measured my size wrong (which happened another time, so I'm betting that was the problem). At any rate, I sewed the side seams, tried the pants on, and they were just falling off of me. So I sewed a new seam exactly 5/8" away from those stitches, taking out around 2" of circumference, and cut the old seam allowances off, and they are still a little baggy. Comfortable, but they don't fit like they were intended to by the pattern makers.

I imagine I'll wear these around the place when the weather gets warm, but don't foresee a lot of public exposure in their future. I really wish I still had the excess yardage on this. These shorts really need pockets.

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