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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Look what I have!

Last night Brandon and I had to go to Hereford to take my brother his pickup, which he'd left at our house while he drove the red Mack truck that Brandon had been driving. He brought this puppy with him. She is from a litter of pups one of my dad's friends was giving away. My dad called up a few weeks ago and asked if I'd be interested in one, and we worked out the final details of transporting her a day or two ago.

I love cowdog mutts. Hopefully when she gets a little older, I'll be able to train her to work the goats. You can tell she's got a lot of border collie, as well as blue heeler (also known as Australian cattle dog), and a sprinkling of mystery dog. I estimate she's somewhere around two to three months old, but I'm not real good at guessing those things.

Right now she's still pretty timid and freaked out by her new environment, which is probably in part due to the fact that as soon as we got in last night, literally as soon as I set her down on the ground, Spud, our big yellow tomcat, came flying out of the darkness and attacked her. She spent the night in the garden shed, and now that is safe territory, as is the kitchen, but she always looks ready to take cover from sneak attacks. She has a really good disposition, though, and is friendly.

We decided to name her Beulah, after the lady dog in the Hank the Cowdog books.


artsyclay said...

She is really cute! I hope the cat will get used to her and be nice.

Sharon said...

She is adorable!!!