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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sampler Blocks

Here are a few more blocks I've finished lately. I am just learning to do set-in seams, which are used a lot in the block with the orange and black (The name of the block is Her Sparkling Jewels, and I found it in 500 Full Size Patchwork Patterns by Maggie Malone, which I borrowed from the library). The miniature cake plate block (an adaptation of a block I found in a book that belongs to my mother-in-law) and the "Amish" Trip Around the World block are nearly miniature quilts in and of themselves. I am surprised to find I like doing blocks with lots of little details, but they sure do take a long time. :) The other block with the curves is four 6" snake trail blocks. I found that pattern in a book I own, Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns. I have in mind to make a slight variation on that in different colors, eventually.
This is Brandon's block. not that he made it, it's just one that represents him, since he likes to play guitar, and as a farmer, he likes the colors green and brown (the colors of growing things). It is an Ohio Star.


Ms. Embry said...

So what does the future hold for these blocks? Will you be putting them all together or using them for separate little projects like pillows, etc?

I'm so thankful that you're keeping up the sewing and quilting tradition for the Embry and Clark family since I'm sure not doing my job in that regard! :-)

Ms. Embry said...

P.S. I think the brown and pink block is my favorite! :-)

bee said...

These are fantastic. I love them all. I would never attempt such a thing. I would make me irritable, so I am glad I can enjoy looking at someone else's work and talent, or maybe I should use the word "flair".

Anonymous said...

Once again I'm gonna sit here and pout since I just cannot quilt like this. Great blocks, and they're all super cute.

MadeByAmanda said...

ms.embry - these are all going to go into a bed quilt, queen size. It's a long term project.